We maintain a product-oriented mindset, understand your work culture and business needs, and craft customised staffing solutions. When it comes to offering our team extension services, we prioritise quality over quantity. Our recruiters make sourcing and recruiting the ‘Star’ candidates easier for our clients.

We support covers all aspects of team extention. We use our network and internet database to search and assist companies in recruiting the ‘Star’ candidates. We also provide staff management services to make team extension a highly practical experience for our clients.


Why Team Extension?

Quick access to curated engineers specializing in Scala

A tested portfolio of Partner Companies - if we don’t have the resources you need, we know someone who does

World-class talent management and technical mastery


Easily convert into a fully independent project team

Boost your team’s performance from day one

Best quality to cost ratio


Benefits of the Team Extension model

  • Team Extension or a Dedicated Team
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Reduce Overheads
  • Get-Set-Go Team Extension
  • Scalable Staffing Solutions
  • Access Skilled Professionals

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