MetaCloud Tek is an internationally recognized software solutions provider founded in March 2014 and headquartered in Wichita, USA. We are known for providing a range of consulting services to small, medium and large sized companies worldwide. With our state of art developers dispersed in several locations, and highly skilled management professionals, fully updated equipment and frequently updating technology we provide high quality and cost effective solutions. Our global presence and efficient delivery models enable us to provide a highly flexible delivery options.

MetaCloud Tek is deeply concerned about giving the best possible solution to our clients! Our principles and ethics, which we developed over the years, have helped us to stand out from the crowd of other IT Software agencies!

Our mission

Our core business is to provide customers the ability to procure, deploy and manage their IT assets most effectively.

Our Vision

We specialize in delivering end-to-end IT services that include sale and implementation of software, infrastructure management amd computing

Our Values

We believe that people are our greatest assets and we are committed to creating a learning organization that can provide a sustainable path to growth

The main key to our industrial success is that we believe in embracing creative collaboration. That demands our business strategists, designers, and project managers work closely and directly with our global services. With over 15+ years we software applications that deliver stellar experience to your customers. We are one of the leading IT Software development companies in USA. We are offering end-to-end app development services to start-up, small, and mid-market businesses.

We strive to uncover new possibilities and help enterprises navigate the digital world with smart, exchange thinking paired with a grim need to deliver impact. There's no magic or secret formula, just great work backed by solid experience. Simply put, we make results that are applicable, flexible, and connected to users.

Why people choose us

  • Trust will lead to approachability with clients and open-minded conversations as well.
  • Transparency can be honest and open when communicating with stakeholders while discussing business matters.
  • Diversity enriches our company culture worldwide and enhances the success of our global industrial brands and valuable customers as well.
  • Reliability is the precondition that is a must in our company to build trust.

We at MetaCloud Tek not only help our clients incorporate the world latest techniques in Information Technology but also offer the most effective Staffing solutions for those who are in IT services.

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